What is office2pdf?

Office2pdf is a Linux daemon program that automatically converts Microsoft Office Attachments (currently .doc and .xls; support for .pps and .ppt will be added later). You send it a mail with office attachment, and a minute later, it will reply with a mail containing your documents converted into pdf.


Donwload office2pdf-0.10.6.tar.gz here. Installation instructions are available.

How it works

Office2pdf runs Microsoft's own Word and Excel viewers within a wine (windows emulator) session, and instructs them to print out the documents to a postscript file. This postscript file is then converted to pdf using the pstopdf utility.

Office2pdf runs wine on a Vnc or Xvfb virtual display, hence the physical display of the machine stays available for other uses. No need to set a machine aside exclusively for office2pdf.

As Office2pdf runs on wine, no windows software licenses are needed (appart from the viewers which are freely downloadable from Micro$oft, and the windows fonts which can still be downloaded from sourceforge)


Mailing list

There is an office2pdf mailing list at office2pdf-discuss@office2pdf.lll.lu . Please send all bug reports to this list. You may subscribe to the list by sending a message with subscribe in its body or subject to office2pdf-discuss-request@office2pdf.lll.lu.

There also exists an archive of the mailing list (currently only accessible to subscribers).


This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0.

Related work

Name/URL Comments
doc2pdf The converter which inspired this work. However, doc2pdf's downside is that it needs a windows machine to run, which becomes unavailable for any other use while office2pdf runs (no purely virtual display available on Windows).
CERN's converter convert@documents.cern.ch Send a mail with subject "doc2pdf" to this address, with your word file attached. Other conversions, such as "doc2ps" are also available. Soon after, you'll receive a confirmation mail, confirming the reception of your request, and a couple of minutes later you'll receive another mail, which contains an URL pointing to the converted documents.

No local (downloadable) installation of the software is available.

Carnegie Mellon's "Tom Server" Upload your file via a web form, the answer is then available immediately for download.

As far as I could see, no local (downloadable) installation of software is available.

Pdflator Upload a document via its web form, and a couple of seconds later, you'll receive the answer via mail attachment.

(CAUTION: don't follow that link if you are from Texas ;-))

No local (downloadable) installation of the software is available.

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